Violence in Society Came Before Violence in the Media

Before there was media, there was just society.  We know that there has been violence unrelated to media.  The media is only reflecting this.  Take Shay’s Rebellion, for example.  The media did not cause men to break out in a fight about the economy.  Media informed them, but the ineffective government system caused the problems in the first place.  Our own increasing brutality causes the media to report more problems with violence.  In my opinion, violence in our society is rarely caused by violent media media.  There are always exceptions, of course.  But media does not effect people’s lives so greatly that they break into violent tussles more often now.


5 thoughts on “Violence in Society Came Before Violence in the Media

  1. I agree with this. People can always ignore the media and think their own thoughts. The media only reflects what the people are doing. However, some people might be affected by the media and start to think more negatively about people as a whole.

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  3. Sara, I agree with you. Media does not control how much violence there is in our society, but we control what is shown through media. I also think that media just shows our violence. Also we as humans are what makes society violent.

  4. Nice post, Sara. I agree with you in some ways, but think about how media is a form of communication, and how without communication there can’t really be arguments or violence. Any ideas on this?

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